20 February 2022

How Is AI Marketing Impacting the Digital Space?


Over the past few months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted marketing has taken over the digital space. Many marketing teams, including Reload Media, have been adopting the amazing technology provided by platforms including ChatGPTJasper AI, and soon-to-be Bard by Google. But, how can we use AI marketing tools to improve processes and efficiencies whilst also driving better results? Let’s find out! 

How can AI Marketing work with current Marketing Processes?

All in all the possibilities are endless with AI marketing. Data analysis, content writing, media buying, and customer service personalisation are all marketing tactics which can be made easier and performed quickly with the help of AI platforms. AI marketing takes the guesswork out of creating the initial stages of tactics and reporting, giving you more time to refine your brand’s overarching marketing strategy. 

AI marketing also has the unique feature of being customer-led, allowing the platform to predict customer behaviour, write in line with the consumer’s tone-of-voice and be a customer-service assistant in real-time! In the past, this is the key element that was missing from AI marketing and why marketers were hesitant to utilise its capabilities. 

Now, with the likes of ChatGPT being available to all, a dialogue focussed AI marketing tool is easy to use whilst producing helpful results. As always there are challenges with this type of technology – information accuracy, emotional intelligence and the need for a specific prompt can limit the simple cut-and-paste use of what these platforms spit out. However, using AI marketing to refine processes and efficiencies when you are starting a project is the key way it can seamlessly integrate with current marketing processes.

What are the Key Benefits of Marketing AI?

There are many benefits to using AI for marketing implementation with saving time and resources being the number one positive! But, as you delve deep into your marketing mix to see how AI can help your strategy, you will find that different marketing tactics have a diverse range of AI marketing benefits in terms of refining processes.

AI for Building Customer Relationships

How many times do you wish a robot could answer the simple questions your customers continuously ask? Well, now that’s a reality! Improving your customer relationship management using AI marketing tools is one of the best ways to boost customer experience on your website and interact with your community. It’s also a great way to collect feedback to inform product and service innovations down the track, aligning your offering directly with your customer’s needs. 

Chatbots are an AI marketing tool that allows you to implement this with prompts set up in-platform to deliver accurate answers. And, once your customer needs a more human brain, your customer service team can drop in and assist. This eliminates the amount of time your valuable customer service employees are replying to basic questions and lets them focus on solving real consumer problems.

AI for Reporting and Data Analysis

AI platforms provide a significant benefit for brands and businesses who struggle to gain valuable insights from sales data. AI marketing data software can automatically provide analysis of various data sources and give insights that can drive strategic marketing decisions. 

How does the platform do it? AI uses advanced algorithms to explain, visualise and clean up your data sets without needing extra coding. Only machine learning is required to perform an in-depth analysis of your brand. These types of analysis include the following.

Capitalise on Marketing AI for Your Paid Media

When it comes to media buying, deciding where to place messaging and advertising can be a challenge, especially if it needs to be altered in real-time. This is where AI marketing can be used in paid media and programmatic advertising by leveraging machine learning to obtain relevant ad space consistently. 

Through machine learning, AI marketing tools in the paid space can also learn your customer’s needs and interests as your business evolves, ultimately creating a seamless process to implement media strategies. Via brand advertising our Reload Media team reaches client campaign targets with marketing AI in mind.

AI and Content Writing

Once your content strategy is laid out there’s only one task left to do, and that’s writing! If you struggle with content ideation, cementing your tone of voice or structuring good-quality sentences using AI for your content marketing might be the tool you need. 

Now, as with all AI marketing tools they can never replace a human and we recommend never taking AI writing at face value. Always put your own spin on the content to make it your own (and align with your brand). The benefit of AI writing tools is creating writing efficiencies for blog articles, website content, social media captions and advertising copy. If you haven’t already, embedding an AI marketing tool into your content creation process is highly recommended. 

If you don’t know where to start contact the Reload Media team to see how these efficiencies can aid in your content strategy results

Using AI for SEO

Al also knows that your brand’s website content can’t thrive without SEO best practices in place — and, that includes adding in relevant keywords to all copy. Well, AI can do just that by speeding up the process of adding keywords to website copy to drive further traffic and awareness organically. 

It is still best to research and compare the keywords you need to use, but once the list is finalised let AI take care of the rest. Speeding up the implementation of these keywords into copy is where AI is best for SEO and how it can add to the efficiency of SEO marketing processes.

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